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Lovely visitor at my window, reminding me what is like to be free.

The purpose of this project, initially, was to create diaries of my quarantine days, just for fun, and for myself. I feel like not too long from now we`ll all feel the need to look back at these days - not through books or articles, but through our personal experiences. And that is why I find it so important to document my memories and perspective: I genuinely believe that, someday, I`ll be sitting in my room, going through pictures of my early 20`s, and I’ll start to wonder “hey, what was I doing during the Coronavirus pandemic? What kind of book was I reading? What kind of music was I listening to? Who did I spend quarantine with?” and it feels great to know that I’ll actually have the answers to all of these questions.

Later, I realized my initial idea was starting to take a different direction, and I felt inspired to encourage other people to also register their days dealing with the presence of Coronavirus. This would be an amazing tool for us to comprehend better (and in first hand) how different people from different places and cultures, react to social distancing. It went from a personal diary to a social study.

I decided to register, specifically for this project, an entire week of my quarantine, starting on April 20th, and in each post, you may find images, along with a brief description of my activities during that day. I tried to take the pictures as naturally as possible - no production or fancy scenarios, no fancy camera, only my phone and my real life. I hope my images and texts give you an idea of what is like to spend quarantine with a Brazilian family.

Victoria Costa, 2020

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