On the last day of my Quarantine Diaries I forgot to photograph my breakfast, but I`m pretty sure I had Appel strudels and coffee that day. I took some time to read, as usual, and do my nails (after 2 long months) and spent the rest of the day improving my musical skills on the keyboard. Meanwhile, Zora took several naps, in a variety of places around the house (“she`s not lazy, she`s a pug” is what her vet says).

I had pasta and meatballs for lunch and my mom brought me some soup for dinner.

Quick update on my grandma`s painting: we now have a doll (or a little girl, can`t really tell), butterflies and some flowers already. For a 90-year-old who`s never used a brush before (she never really cared for art, that`s the truth) she`s actually doing pretty well and, most importantly, being active and having fun!

I have to honest: I am not the kind of person who goes out a lot. I truly enjoy staying in and doing activities at home, even in normal circumstances: if I want to hang out with my friends, I just have them come to my place, and we can have some pizza and wine. I have a huge family, and every weekend we gather around the kitchen and play Uno while we wait for the food to be ready, me and my cousins also have Just Dance competitions sometimes, but as none of us likes to lose, it`s always a complete chaos. If I told you this lockdown had completely changed my routine, I`d be lying. However, it did teach a few lessons:

  • It made me appreciate even more my privileges. I understand many people (taking my mother as an example) aren’t allowed to stay at home right now because of their jobs, and others don`t have access to quality health care. So I`m just really thankful for being this privileged;

  • Coronavirus made me realize that, somehow, our routines and the way we do things, the way we live, are about to change forever. We`re all going to leave this situation with a stronger sense of health, hygiene, community, and even vulnerability;

  • Overcoming scenarios like pandemics requires a lot of attention, patience, and, most importantly, empathy from all of us. At this moment, we must think not only about our families and close circle but about anyone who ends up having physical contact with us.

I don’t know about the rest of the world, but in Brazil, the contamination rate is still high and increasing. That means we still have at least an entire month of social distancing ahead. If that is also the case in your country, I strongly recommend you to register your routine as well. You can use any kind of expression that makes you feel comfortable (photography, writing, painting) as long as you stay creative.

Stay healthy, happy and safe. Lots of virtual hugs, love and positive energy, from my family to yours!

Victoria Costa, 2020

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