Sun was out again, and I guess my grandma`s plants loved it. As every Brazilian family does on weekends, we had some Feijoada (a traditional Brazilian dish, made with black beans and a variety of meats) with rice, salad, and farofa.

I had my keyboard delivered that Saturday, so that was definitely the highlight of my entire quarantine. Zora got a new toy as well, this cute flamingo, that she seems to be best friends with now.

I spent all day getting familiar with Kelsi (yes, I named my keyboard) and learning some starter songs- by myself, no tutor, no virtual classes, just a lot of patience. Now I now how to play Eternal Flame, Bella`s Lullaby, Frère Jacques, Skinny Love, some Christmas songs, Happy Birthday To You, Unfaithful and even The Climb (which I learned so me and my childhood friends could sing along on our Zoom Call).

Victoria Costa, 2020

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