As cereal is my favorite kind of breakfast (for practicality reasons) I had to have some again that morning. My first activity of the day was to upload a picture on one of the OCA`s Discuss Forums; I posted a lovely picture of my grandma painting her bottles. After that, I decided to watch the latest episode of my favorite TV show - best way to start a quarantine day. Once I had my weekly dose of 20 minutes laughing nonstop, I must confess I got bored, so I just played with my dog for a while.

My mom works for the National Health Service, and that means she unfortunately isn’t allowed to stay at home like the rest of us. There is a McDonalds next to the clinic where she works, and she surprised me with a cheddar burger, fries and Coke for lunch.

Zora and I took a 2-hour nap after lunch, and when I woke up I uploaded a new post on my Learning Log and read the “Story of Art book”, and a few pages of “Art History: The Basics again”. The afternoon snack was Goldfish, which Zora begged me for (although I didn’t give her any, as she only eats natural food).

It was my best friend`s 20th birthday, so by dinnertime I baked a mini cinnamon cake and surprised her with a FaceTime call. The whole family sang happy birthday, she blew my improvised sticker candle and everything. I haven’t seen her in 2 months, but this simple and emotional moment that we shared meant the world for us.

I decided to go to bed early that day, and by 20:00 I was already in my Monalisa pajamas.

Victoria Costa, 2020

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