Rainy days are my favorites (unless I`m vacationing at a beach destination, of course), so when I woke up with the sound of the rain pouring against my window, I couldn’t get any happier. I had churro cereal for breakfast and after that, I read my "Story of Art" book, and a few pages of "Art History: The Basics", which was recommended by my material. Later that morning, I updated my daily planner and wrote a new post for my Learning Log. As I am currently in the process of writing book reviews, I took some time to highlight important pages and lines on these 2 books I`ve read recently ("A Little Feminist History Of Art" and "Letters to Yves").

For lunch I had pasta with meat (I don’t think it looks good at all, but I swear it tastes great). In the afternoon, I started my Mother`s Day project, which is happening on May 10th, and went looking for pictures of me with my mom. In this process, I obviously came across many other great pictures from my childhood, and ended up having the best time! I also took a quick look trough OCA`s Discuss Forum and made a few changes on my Learning Log`s menu. As I needed my dose of sugar, I made a mini cinnamon cake (that, ironically, is sugar-free) and ate it with warm dulce de leche on top - the best way to finish my afternoon.

I was still feeling full from the cake, so I just skipped dinner and went for a snack. I also gave my dog, Zora, some extra love (even though she hates it). As I was feeling exceptionally inspired that day, I even did a feet treatment, which consists in putting oils (avocado oil is the one that works best for me) on your feet, sleeping with a sock and removing the oil in the shower the morning after - so simple, yet so effective.

Victoria Costa, 2020

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