QUAROUTINE - 02/04 to 17/04

During quarantine is quite easy (and ok, actually) to get bored and stuck in an unending loop of wanting to rest and spend some quality time with your family versus wanting to be/feel productive. Quarantine has taught my that, as good as it feels to be productive, if you`re privileged enough, it also feels really nice to surrender to idleness. It`s about doing what you feel like, when you feel like, the absence of pressure. It`s what I did for a while and it was amazing to release myself from any kind of obligations and tasks to simply focus on my well-being and family (despite having managed to finish all the exercises from the Creative Reading segment, for pure pleasure).

I spent the first 2 weeks of my quarantine with my father, in the countryside, because being in the risk group myself, I thought I would feel safer being away from the big cities, in a place where there is little to no flow of people. I made this decision in literary less than half an hour, through a brief conversation with both of my parents, and it was so much worth it. I stayed there until we had more concrete information in regards to the COVID-19 status here in Brazil, and I decided to come back home once I realized that:

  1. two weeks away was enough time for my mom to get overloaded with the house chores, the dog, her job and my grandma;

  2. the rest of the population had finally realized what was really going on and started to take OMS`s recommendations seriously. That meant we would all be safer.

Well, to be honest, I have very few pictures of my first days in quarantine, taking into account that whenever I go to the countryside I just try to keep all electronic devices away and spend as much time as possible with my loved ones -which I recommend to everyone. Besides, the idea of registering my “routine” only came during the road trip back to my hometown. But as a photography lover, of course I managed to find these lost pictures (the ones above, along with the 5 below) on my phone, and I`m pretty sure they will be enough for you to get a little bit of the atmosphere from my favorite place in the world.


1& 5) On my way to my dad`s house

2) The sunset from my room

3) My little brother having some grape juice (he`s obsessed with grapes) in the hammock

4) My little brother, missing about 4 teeth, talking to me about how much he loves cute little dogs at bedtime (he`s the sweetest kid, and always insistis that we sleep in the same room when I go visit)

6 & 7) The church in our town. My dad was the architect responsible for both the church and the garden`s renovation last year, so from time to time he likes to take his car and drive around the square to check on his masterpiece. It`s a very small town (we have less than 18,000 inhabitants) and the church is very simple, but this region holds so much history, and it just makes me so proud to know that my family has always played such important roles in this scenario.

Victoria Costa, 2020

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